The Best Carpet Cleaners in St. Albert, Alberta

Lifespan and beauty of carpets depend on how good there are cared and maintained. Right maintenance alone may add three to five years to the carpet’s life. This is the reason why almost all carpet firms need you to professionally steam clean your carpet every 16 to 22 months to keep your warranty authentic. We apply steam cleaning, which is highly considered the finest method of eliminating embedded dirt and contaminants in your carpet. The method works by introducing a high pressurized solution into the carpet pile, then instantly extracting it with the strong vacuum system. The process aids break down dirt, oil deposits, and other contaminants from the carpet. In the manufacturing of the carpets, a defensive coat of Teflon is applied to your carpet. Due to everyday use, the quoting lasts only so long. It is a great idea to have another quoting done immediately after the cleaning for finest outcomes. This supplement process, which is also referred to as scotch guarding leaves your carpet appearing as good as new.

Right cleaning of the carpets helps you increase the indoor air quality by six to eight times, giving the same freshness indoors as you move outdoors. While professional carpet cleaning is being done, you may want to go out to St. Albert Botanic Park or enjoy the art gallery of St. Albert. Fountain Park recreation center might be a good option to keep kids busy. St. Albert Bowling and Mini Golf is another way to keep the family occupied.

Residential carpet cleaning

Mighty Clean Carpet Care has been offering professional carpet cleaning services in St. Albert, Alberta for more than 15 years. We guarantee you high-quality workmanship, an in-depth steam cleaning, and superb, observable results. Also, your safety is very crucial for us. Our process does not expose you, your family and your pets to any health risks. And you will be amazed how simple the process is since we can clean your carpet any time that is convenient for you. Greatest of all, our prices are very reasonable, hence everyone can afford.

Commercial carpet cleaning

Offices, hospitals, restaurants, showrooms, medical centers, real estate offices and other public facilities normally have areas with high traffic volume. Those areas accumulate dirt and dust faster compared to residential property and need routine professional maintenance. Our company offers the best quality commercial carpet cleaning and furniture cleaning services at affordable prices. If you own or manage commercial establishment in St. Albert and the surrounding areas, contact us today.

Carpet cleaning process

Our steam carpet cleaning follows this process to reinstate your carpet to excellent condition:

  • First, move as many pieces of furniture as possible from your room to free up cleaning space. Our experts can offer furniture removal service at no additional cost. Call us for details.
  • Second, dry vacuuming is needed before steam cleaning, in case you do not have time to do it before our arrival, dry vacuuming is an additional service we can offer at a very low cost.
  • Third, pre-spray treatment of the carpeted area
  • Forth, our steam extraction machine eliminates dirt, detergent and any unwanted material from your carpet, using our strong vacuum system
  • Lastly, grooming of carpeted area.

Why we are the best choice for steam cleaning in Alberta

You are not renting just any old carpet cleaning firm when you high E&M. with us, you get many years of experience and customer satisfaction. Our technicians are highly trained and ready to make sure you get the best experience in carpet cleaning.

When you schedule an appointment with us, you receive a special set of services and benefits, including:

  • A healthier home. Your premise will not only look good, but we will eliminate up to 80 percent
  • of allergens during the process leaving your premises and family happy and healthy
  • Deep, enduring clean. Our hot carbonating extraction setup of cleaning will leave your carpets appearing new and restored
  • Excellent customer service. All our teams are ready to offer you with unique care and support throughout the whole process
  • Competitive pricing

For best stain removal and steam cleaning service, visit Mighty Clean Carpet Care.

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