Sanitized Carpet Cleaning Service to help avoid flu

Covid-19 has changed a lot of things around the globe, not only in Alberta. Regulations have been mandated for wearing masks and protective gear where necessary. All the cleaning processes have become more rigorous and drastically changed over the last few months. More stringent cleaning services have been put in place everywhere, from offices, industries, shops, malls, schools, hospitals and all around in general. Alberta has been doing well in keeping the numbers reasonable by ensuring that proper cleaning and sanitization is being implemented across all industries. In order to keep the numbers low, we need to do our part as well. Carpet Cleaning in Edmonton is a big part of keeping your premises germ and virus free. This is the reason why we take our carpet cleaning services very seriously.

Flu is a big part of Alberta winters. No matter how hard to try to avoid it, with the extreme winter in Alberta you or someone around you tends to get flu. With winter season just around the corner, Flu season is fast approaching. With Covid virus, it may be more difficult to differentiate between regular flu and the virus. Thus it is crucial to keep your surroundings clean and highly sanitized during this upcoming winter flu season. Getting professional carpet cleaning can go a long way in ensuring your premises are sanitized, allergens, pollens and virus free.

Professional Carpet Cleaning Company like ours can help you eliminate all the pollutants, allergens, germs and viruses lurking in the carpets with expertise and experienced services. By hiring us, you are hiring a team of professional carpet cleaners that come to your premises, be it a home, office, apartment, condo or business establishment with top grade equipment and high quality cleaning products that will keep you and every around safe. Our team comes well outfitted with masks, gloves and covering to ensure that they are keeping their customers safe. Work process begins with sanitization before as well as after the job is complete. 

The carpet cleaning process is untaken diligently. Carpets are cleaned meticulously so that your home or work place is allergen, pollutants, virus and germ free at the end of our job. After the carpet cleaning is done (keeping customer safety in mind), everything is cleaned thoroughly and the carpet is left bacteria and allergen free. Our carpet cleaning process includes penetrating deep into carpet fibers, removing most of the common household allergens as well as airborne bacteria in your home when a sanitizer is added into the process. We use green certified solutions that contain no dirt attracting detergents or soaps, making it safe and non-toxic for your family, pets or team members. The cleaning process we use results in dryer carpets in hours instead of days. Due to these reasons, we can claim that we offer safe and more convenient carpet cleaning choice in Edmonton and around. 

Be prepared this flu season and keep your family and work team safe from the virus that has been threatening the well-being of everyone for the past months. Contact our carpet cleaners for professional carpet cleaning service that will help you tackle this flu season with extreme care and cleaner carpets.

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