Cleaning with care during Coronavirus outbreak

Many people have been asking what needs to be done to tackle carpet cleaning during coronavirus. Is it important to get carpet cleaning during outbreak of coronavirus in Edmonton? Our response to that is simple. We are here to offer continuous in home carpet cleaning services and professional carpet cleaning for offices and businesses that is highly important during these times. Most importantly, we are ensuring to add precautionary measures for the safety of not only our staff but also our customers.

Even though Edmonton area has been able to contain the number of cases, and most people remain healthy and free of covid19 virus, we are painstakingly taking precautions on our end to screen that our staff members are not exposed and our customers are safe. We have placed stringent sickness policies for our technicians and staff members and closely monitor the health of our staff members.

Frequent sanitization of our equipment is part of our normal routine. Another addition to normal routine is frequent hand washing and use of hand sanitizers at all times. Hand shaking has been eliminated during these pandemic times. Observing social distancing has become a norm in our work routine. There is stringent disinfection of tools, equipment and any hand held devises used in carpet cleaning process before and after every job. Wearing marks, gloves and any other protective gear necessary is part of our job in customer homes or establishment. Even the equipment and vehicles are disinfected regularly.

What can be done to ensure virus free carpet cleaning during the coronavirus?

It is important for our customers to work along with us to ensure safe carpet cleaning services. If you as our customer or a close contact has travelled outside of the country within the last 14 days, please let us know and we can always re-schedule an appointment according to your convenience so that you can observe the required self-isolation period.

If anyone in your home or premises has fever, cold, cough or respiratory symptoms, please inform us so we can reschedule your appointment.

It would be highly beneficial if our customers can provide hand washing facilities for our employees when they are on your premises for a job.

It is important to maintain physical distance during any carpet cleaning appointments. Our technicians are required to maintain physical distance throughout carpet cleaning appointment. Our goal is to minimize the number of people the employees come into contact with, not just for their safety but also the safety of all our customers. It is advised not to schedule any other services or visitors while our technicians are undertaking a cleaning job.

Our services remain affordable as before the pandemic. We pride ourselves as being an affordable carpet cleaning company in Edmonton and around.

Disinfecting and sanitizing ducts and carpets in Edmonton

Even in these trying times, you will come across companies that would like to take advantage of the fear of covid virus to sell you extra products along with misleading information. We adhere with the strict rule of staying true to our customers. We do offer sanitization services with disinfectants that can be used on carpets and ducts to ensure deep carpet and duct cleaning services. The use of these products can help control the germs and keep your establishment bacteria free, but it does not offer any guarantees. When you talk about disinfecting your establishment, be it a home or office, it is advisable to focus on high traffic areas and surfaces.

Contact us anytime to get more details on our coronavirus carpet cleaning protocols and get more details on our carpet cleaning packages and services.

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