Professional Carpet Cleaning Service in Sherwood Park, Alberta

Mighty Clean is your number one choice for professional carpet cleaners. We are in the business of carpet cleaning and after many years of experience, we can say that we are fairly darn good at what we do. We render affordable prices and the finest customer service around. Whether we are there to clean some tile and grout, scour some upholstery, wash a rug or eliminate the pet odor from rover’s special ring spot behind the piano, you can be assured that our team will take good care of you. We understand that when it comes to life, you are likely to be busy. That is why we render incredibly convenient scheduling. So whether you want us to show up early in the morning or later in the day, we will do our very best to operate with your schedule. We want your experience with our service to be so good that you want us to come back another day just for a visit. We are at all times here to earn your trust and show you why we are Sherwood Park, Alberta’s number one carpet cleaning business.

How to prepare for cleaning appointment

One or two days before your appointment, we will call you to confirm all your details including your cleaning address and your order. If you have any question before then, feel free to contact us.

Before we arrive:

Pre-vacuum- carpets accumulate a lot of dirt, hair, and dust. Much as you would sweep or vacuum a hard floor before mopping or cleaning, your carpet must be thoroughly pre-vacuumed before we clean. This makes a big difference in cleaning results.

Prepare your space- move all plants, lamps, and breakables before we arrive and ensure that the areas to be cleaned are clear of items on the floor. While our professional team is cleaning the carpets, you could go to Strathcona County Library to occupy yourself. There is always Millennium Place where you can go and make the most of the time. If you have kids, taking them to Launchpad Trampoline Park or Galaxy Cinemas Sherwood Park will do the trick.

Furniture- we can move many furniture including chairs, sofas, and tables. However, we cannot move beds which are not on rollers, electronics, entertainment units, china hutches or other oversize or breakable furniture. We will do our best to clean around and beneath anything that cannot be moved.

Pets- Although we love animals, there are a few things that can go wrong when it comes to pest and our services.

  • The door to your premises will be half-open on and off throughout your appointment. We would not like your pet to escape
  • Our equipment is loud and scary for our fuzzy friends
  • Our hoses, cleaning products, and other equipment can bring objects of interest for your pest, which could be hazardous to them

Make sure you plan to have a contained area for your pets to be for the duration of our time in your premises.

Routine maintenance

Immediately after cleaning

Please take care while walking on freshly cleaned carpets, as they might be slippery, mostly on stairs and while walking from moist carpet to hard floor surfaces. Wearing clean, white singled non-slip shoes or slippers is recommended.


After cleaning your carpets and furniture will be moist for up to 24 hours, depending on the airflow, temperature, and humidity. You can aid speed up the process by turning on fans, including the summer fan on your furnace, opening windows and keeping the area warm. Contact us if the carpets are not dry within a day.

Spots and stains

When stains have sunk through to the support of the upholstery or carpet or even into the subfloor, they usually spread below the surface of the carpet, and cleaning can make residues to wick up making the stains to reoccur or even look bigger after cleaning. In case you have any concerns with the outcomes of the cleaning, even after everything has dried, please contact us.

For the best carpet cleaning service, call Mighty Clean Carpet Care.

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