Frequently asked questions about carpet cleaning

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Why is it recommended to have your carpet and upholstery cleaned regularly?

When you vacuum your carpet, you are eliminating the contaminants and the surface dirt giving it a fresher look. Nevertheless, over time, the carpet becomes dirty with oil and ground-in dirt from daily life, kids, spills, and other causes. When left together, these contaminants not only affect the look of your carpet but also make it wear out faster and as a result, they can pose health risks, mainly to people with asthma or allergies and to small kids who spend most of the time on the floor. The perfect way to ensure a cleaner and healthier home is to supplement your routine vacuuming with professional cleaning, which will get down the surface to eliminate what you cannot see.

How long would it take for carpet to dry?          

With the hot water extraction method, drying time is minimal and depend on the following factors:

  • Humidity level
  • Level of soil
  • Type of carpet material, pile, and weave
  • Air circulation in the home

How often should I have my carpet cleaned?

Regular cleaning is essential if you have allergies, asthma, or other health problems. It is recommended to have professional cleaning six to twelve months, depending on the level of dirtiness and whether there are kids or pets on the premises.

Why hire a professional while I can do it myself?

No two carpets are the same when dirty. a professional has the training, knowledge, expertise, and equipment required for each condition. They will decide the right procedure and technique for multiple upholstery and carpet fabric care and finish the job professionally and efficiently. Most lease machines are unable to offer the perfect cleaning you will get from professional equipment. They cannot reach the needed high vacuum strength or temperature, and the cleaning product will either be lesser or unable to perform as required with these machines. Also, soap residues and excess moisture remain in the carpet, causing issues such as microbes, bacteria, and mold growth. Professional cleaning eliminates the residues and carpet dry very fast.

Do you guarantee that you will be able to eliminate all the stains?

The kind of stain, the length of time it has been there, the use of consumer-based removers and the kind of carpet fiber all affects stain elimination results. We can eliminate most stains though we cannot guarantee they will always come out. We do what it takes to have the perfect results and chances are that if we cannot eliminate the stain nobody can.

Do I need to do anything before the professional technicians arrive?

It is recommended to vacuum, separate family antiques and smaller items to another room or area. Bigger items that cannot be moved will be discussed upon arrival. Noise might frighten kids or pets during cleaning. It is recommended to take them to another room when cleaning is in the process.

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