Valuable Carpet Cleaning Facts no One told you about


Carpets enhance the interior beauty of your living space. They complement furniture and give a room an aesthetic appeal. Besides, these floor coverings help in absorbing noise. If you happen to live in an apartment, a carpet comes in handy as an ideal way to subdue the sounds coming from dragging of furniture or your footsteps. Your neighbor downstairs gets to have a peaceful stay while you enjoy the comfort that comes with having a carpet as an accessory.

Effective cleaning methods

However, carpets attract lots of dust, dirt, and mold. Getting your floor covering cleaned properly should be a priority. Failure to observe cleanliness might result in poor quality of air. You or another family member could fall ill. Here are five most effective carpet cleaning methods adopted by professional cleaning firms.

  1. Hot water extraction

In this method, the cleaning personnel sprays a solution of hot water and detergent onto your carpet. Immediately after, they vacuum the solution out. If done poorly, the method leaves the carpet soaked, and this later attracts mold. At the same time, using much detergent coupled with failure to remove it all attracts new dirt.

  • Dry extraction

The approach here is to brush detergent powder into the carpet. Special machines apply the cleaning agent. Once applied, the chemicals in the detergent attract soil particles. Later, the carpet cleaning team removes the soil-laden chemical by vacuuming.

  • Foam extraction

The method is almost similar to dry extraction with the only difference being that carpet cleaning professionals apply foam. They then vacuum it out before leaving the carpet to dry.

  • Rotary shampoo

Here, a machine pushes the detergent into a carpet’s fibers. The equipment has brushes that rotate enabling the cleaning solution to soak deep into the floor covering accessory. Once done, wet vacuuming removes the foam together with dirt.

  • Absorbent pad method

This method is also known as the bonnet and involves spraying the cleaning agent into the carpet. The chemical sprayed has the effect of pulling the dirt out, and onto the carpet’s surface where a machine, fitted with a spinning pad, removes it.

Self-cleaning and its downside

Occasionally, you may feel the urge to clean a carpet on your own. Frankly, vacuuming the floor accessory may seem easy. Why is that so? You only have to:

  • Rent a machine
  • Buy shampoo and other cleaning agents
  • Do the task yourself

However, you stand to put your put your family at a risk of getting ill. Your efforts will often end up in a poorly cleaned accessory. The machines you rent may not suck all the dirt, shampoo, and water. Moreover, your carpet does not dry up properly leaving conducive environment for the growth of mold.

On the other hand, the carpet gets dirty quickly owing to the residue of cleaning agent that you left behind after vacuuming. While you saved money on the one side, you put your family at a health risk. Allowing a professional cleaner to carry out the task always works to your advantage.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning Myths

  1. No need to clean a new carpet

Most homeowners tend to ignore or fail to take carpet care seriously. Never mind the fact that you shampoo and vacuum occasionally. One of the myths you need to get rid of is the misconception that you bought your carpet recently. You may think that the only time to think of cleaning is when the item looks dirty. Daily movement on the carpet compacts dirt particles into the fabric. Eventually, the fiber breaks down damaging the article.

  • Carpet cleaning powders work just fine

Talcum powder, the main ingredient in sprinkle-on deodorizers, is not soluble in water. After several applications, it accumulates. Even after vacuuming, traces remain and stain the carpet.

Carpets require proper care. Someone sees them first upon stepping into a room. Be a stickler for adequate cleaning by hiring experts. In the long run, you save on costly replacements. Contact Edmonton’s Best Carpet Cleaning Company Now.

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